While “Green-tech” might be some kind of jargon that you have never heard of, it is a sure thing that we could all be devoted environmentalists.

Our latest merchant collaboration with Carbon Coins brings you the best of both worlds. As a green-tech platform that promotes recycling, users are able to earn 1 Carbon Coins for each plastic bottle placed into their reverse vending machines. After downloading the Carbon Coins app, users can redeem 5 tiips reward for 1 coin, or 60 tiips reward for 10 coins. Give your plastic wastes a second life, download tiips and turn them into gold.

A 5-step-how-to on converting your plastic bottles into gold:

1. Download Carbon Coins app

2. Recycle your plastic bottles into the designated reverse vending machines

3. Accumulate sufficient Carbon Coins to redeem tiips reward vouchers

4. Open the link on your vouchers

5. The tiips reward you earned will be automatically saved onto your tiips account

Carbon Coins

Address: Please refer to Carbon Coins’ website for reverse vending machine locations

Campaign Period: 12 January 2021 - 31 January 2022

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