The What and Why of gold?

Gold is a considerably more convenient alternative compared with purchasing physical gold. Here at tiips, users are able to invest in gold and easily cash out through FPS.

Gold is a good hedge against inflation and an important asset to diversify your portfolio. Gold promises competitive returns compared to other major financial assets like stock and real estate.


Benefits of micro-investments

Good Investing is simple. It is just steady invest in value assets like stocks, gold and real estate and hold it for long term. However, entry barrier for real estate is extremely high. Thus, stock and gold are financial products that are relatively better to start with. Micro-investments are catered for investors with limited capital, which they are just required to chip in little capital to invest in relatively safer options, such as gold.


Involve little or zero capital


Encourage investments at an early age


Allow personalized investments


Diversify risks


Practise dollar cost averaging


A stylish way of gold investing in digital era

Users are welcome to earn tiips reward from our participating merchants to redeem gold for free. You can sell your holdings anytime and cash out by FPS.


Instant Redemption

Earn your tiips reward and redeem free gold right away.


Monthly Investment Plan

Schedule your monthly gold investment plan start from HK$50.


Red Packets

A new experience in gifting red packets with gold. You can send attached photos and videos for greetings and send via WhatsApp, WeChat or scanning QR code.


Gold Comparision Chart

A chart for you to compare and contrast types of gold investment, weighted by various factors.


What gold we offer


Guaranteed Purity of Gold

We exclusively offer 999.9 gold, which ensures that a gold bar is delineated by at least 99.5% of gold. Equivalently indicating gold bullion, 999.9 gold denotes supreme purity available for purchase.


Sourced from CGSE

tiips’ gold is directly sourced from the Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange (CGSE), it is the sole physical gold and silver exchange in Hong Kong which operates in pursuance of Section 3 of Chapter 82 of Laws of Hong Kong.


Audited by trusted party

The gold you purchase from us is securely stored in our trusted vault providers in Hong Kong. A regular audit is accomplished every 3 months, by a third party auditor to ensure that your gold is 100% real and genuine.

Historical Gold Price Chart

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