It is not surprising that investing is a very do-able method of earning extra income. So how old should you be entering the fun yet challenging world of investment? I’d have to say the younger the better!

Quoting from numerous experts and studies, the golden age for you to start investing would be “20 going on 21”. Here are some of the reasons why:

Through kickstarting your investments at a younger age, you would definitely learn skills to become financially independent, as well as the differences between investing and saving.

Some may think that it would be an obstacle to invest early, due to the comparatively low income they are obtaining. Living a frugal life without financial support from parents would certainly be a challenge, especially considering the minimal savings they have. Nonetheless, it actually doesn’t matter how much input you pour in. As long as you are willing to start your investment journey, there is still an enormous potential return to be generated.

As they say, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”. Begin your investment journey right now with us.

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