Bearing all the inevitable and systematic risks, your vulnerable assets are definitely on edge. So where should you find the best protection, and how to allocate your treasures?

Due to the impact of various factors namely the global economy, society, and politics, your asset values are always swirling and twirling. Inflation is another huge factor that makes your assets fluctuate, when you have lower purchasing power compared with before.

Amidst the chaos in the world, investing in gold might be a better option for a promising return:

A strong global demand for gold The essential presence of gold amongst investors is undeniable. Throughout the years, gold has always been a priority when it comes to safer investments. While there is a limited or even rare supply for gold extraction, the demand hasn’t been satisfied ever since. To deal with the currently fluctuating global economy, numerous countries have sprung into action to increase their national gold reserve. Hence, these consolidated demands and factors have futher pushed gold prices up.

Gold is always an ideal risk aversion tool Looking back at the past years, stock prices usually go down when there were global or political instabilities. Nevertheless, due to the nature of gold being risk protective, gold prices are usually much higher than those in stocks. No matter how much you are pouring in for your investments, gold can always keep your portfolio safe and sound. You should never underestimate how well a 10% allocation of gold could do for your portfolio!

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